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Using Team

How to view and manage all of the users who have access to your Codebots site and applications.

While codebots is a collaborative space to create software, we recognise that if you are working as part of a team you will need to control permissions for security purposes. There are two levels of teams in Codebots: your site team, and your individual app teams.

The Team section allows you to manage the team members with access to your application. It can be reached by opening the sidebar, and clicking on the link underneath the currently active application. If you’re the site admin, you can also invite new team members or remove existing ones.

For step by step instructions and videos on how to use Team, you can peruse this article: Inviting and Managing Users


Managing Site Team members

The Team page for your site can be accessed only if you are the Site Owner or an Admin. Provided you have access to the page, you can navigate to it by heading to the ‘Switch Product’ option in the sidebar, then it will be in the sub-menu of your site.

The team page allows you to see and search for existing team members. Use the search bar in the top right to search for a team member by name or email. Alternatively, you can sort between All members, Admin, regular members and Pending using the tabs at the top of the page.

Configure Access

As you find a team member, you can click the three dots to select the ‘Promote’ option and give them Admin access to the site. Site owners also have the option to ‘Remove’ team members from the project.

Add or Remove from App Teams

If a team member is a part of any App Teams, you will also see an overview of these below their name. Clicking ‘View all my apps’ allows you to quickly add or remove the member to any applications on your site.


You can also invite new team members by using the green ‘Invite to Team’ button on the top right. Type in their email, pressing enter to add more than one email, then click invite to site to send them an email invitation to join you. If the team member doesn’t respond or loses the email, you also have the option of resending the invite through the Pending tab on this page.

Managing App Team members

The Team page for each app is found by first going to your App Dashboard. From here you should see the ‘Team’ tab on the top right.

Site Owners, Admins, and the App Owner (usually the person who created the app) have the ability on this page to invite existing team members to view and edit the application. They can also use the three dots beside each name to remove a team member’s access to the app.

Site Owners and Admins can also use this page to add someone to both the Site and this Application, using the green ‘Invite to Team’ button on the top right.

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