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Using the Apps Sidebar

Jump easily between different sites and apps with the sidebar.

What is it used for?

The sidebar is available on the left-hand side of every page on the Codebots product. It allows you to quickly jump between the different parts of the product, as well as switch between the different applications you have access to.

To open the menu, click on the icon in the top-left most corner of your page.


Switch product

You can switch between the three products in your site using the left column of the menu. It will have your current product highlighted, with the other two options available for selecting below. Click on any of them to make the switch and go to that product's home page.

My sites

Underneath the product switcher is a list of sites which you have access to. You can click on any of those links to move over to that site or, for your currently selected site, jump to pages inside of it (like the team page).

Current application

In the right-hand column, there will be a section dedicated to showing information about the currently selected application, including number of team members, the bot the project is built on, and the name of the site owner.

From here, you can also jump to the application's dashboard by clicking the 'See my dashboard' button below.

Select another app

Directly underneath current application details is a list of the other applications in your site. You can click on any of these to switch over to that application, or click on 'More Apps' down below to see a full list of all the applications you can open.