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Using the Sidebar

Jump easily between different products, sites and apps with the sidebar.

The sidebar is available on the left-hand side of every page on Codebots. It allows you to quickly jump between the different products, switch between your applications, and more.

Go to another Product

You can switch between the three products (Academy, Library and Platform) using the ‘Switch Product’ button on the top left of the menu. It will have your current product highlighted, with the other two options available for selecting. Click on any of them to make the switch and go to that product’s home page.

My sites

In the same ‘Switch Product’ menu, underneath ‘Go to another Product’, is a list of Codebots sites which you can access. You can click on any of those links to move over to that site. For your currently selected site, you will be able to see a number of quick links to jump to, such as your Site Dashboard. For those with Admin access, you can also view links to pages to manage your Team, Applications and Billing.

Current application

Beneath ‘Switch Product’ you will see a folder icon with the name of your current application. This signifies the application you are currently using on the Platform. The plan, build and test sections of the platform will store independent data for each of your applications, so it’s important to know how to navigate between them.

Clicking on the application name will bring up the app navigation menu. You can get a quick overview of the number of members on this app, the bot you are using to write it, and the owner. You can also click ‘See my Dashboard’ here to see the health report of the application.

Select another app

In the app navigation menu, directly underneath current application details is a list of the other applications in your site. You can click on any of these to switch over to that application, or click on ‘More Apps’ down below to see a full list of all the applications you can open.

The section in the middle of the menu context switches depending upon the product which you currently have open. We will explore these menu options later on when we go deeper into each of the products.


The bottom of the left-hand menu will be consistent no matter where you go in Codebots. From here, you can expand and collapse the menu, access your user profile, or submit feedback or bugs.

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