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What can the codebots build?

Curious about what types of apps the bots can build, and whether they would be right for you?

The codebots can build just about anything, depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put in to writing custom code. That being said, they are most effective when you use the behaviours (pieces of common functionality which can be added to the apps), since it means less code which needs to be written.

Previously, Codebots has been used to build a whole range of different apps, with varying levels of custom code. Though they write web-based applications by default, the tech stack which the bots used can be easily repurposed to write mobile applications.

Even if the behaviours aren’t so well suited to your app, the codebots can still help you build and manage the underlying data structure and backend admin of your app.

Previously, the codebots have been used to help build:

  • data management apps for large corporations (to replace their spreadsheets)
  • mobile applications
  • patient management and registration systems
  • calculation tools
  • and a whole range of other apps

Currently, the bots are able to write to two different tech-stacks to cater for teams with different skills. C#Bot writes to a C#/React tech stack, and SpringBot writes to a Java/Angular tech stack.

More information about the technologies involved can be found in the Library, specifically the Which bot is best for me? article.


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