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What is a codebot?

An introduction to to our codebots

What is the difference between Codebots and codebots?

Codebots, with a capital C, is the company and name of this sofware. The codebots, with a lowercase c, are the bots which actually write the code.

We like to think of the different codebots as species, the same way you could think of different species of fish. There are specific types of codebots, like SpringBot, C#Bot, and LAMPBot, in the same way that there are specific types of fish, like Giant Trevally, Black Marlin and Sail Fish. So, we may refer to the codebots as the species group, or use the word codebot as a general term to describe one of the codebots.

What does a codebot do?

The codebots are software robots who write code alongside your team. A codebot helps build better quality software faster, and with greater reuse, which results in greater business agility.

The codebots write code which looks human-made, eliminating most of the frustrations typically associated with code generators and low-code platforms. The codebots focus on the heavy lifting parts of software development, freeing up the humans to work on the more complex and creative parts of the application.

The bots are able to work alongside the team, committing code to a repository where the humans can then pull the code out and write more, as though the bots were just another team member to work with. This collaboration is achieved through the means of protected regions in the code. Humans write code inside those protected regions, which are then preserved the next time the codebot writes anything.

Bot overviews

We offer two families of bots on Codebots: client-side and server-side, and each bot writes to a different technology stack.

We have one full stack second-generation bot called LAMPBot, which cannot be accessed on the Codebots platform and is available only to platinum partners.

C#Bot and ReactBot

C#Bot is a server-side third generation codebot that writes C# code. C# is one of the most popular programming languages, used by approximately 31% of developers^.

ReactBot is a client-side third generation codebot that writes React Typescript code. The React framework was developed and is actively used by Facebook.

ReactBot is paired with C#Bot, allowing for a complete full stack application based on Microsoft's development tools.

^ As discovered in the 2019 Github developer survey.

SpringBot and AngularBot

SpringBot is a server-side third generation codebot that writes Java code within the Spring framework. The Spring framework is the most popular modern Java application framework^ and SpringBot takes advantage of its suite of features to create a complete server-side application.

AngularBot is a client-side third generation codebot that writes Angular 7.0 Typescript code. The Angular framework has been developed and is actively used by Google.

AngularBot's server-side codebot pairing is with SpringBot, allowing a full stack application based on modern technologies.

^ According to the 2019 Github developer survey.


LAMPBot is a second-generation, full stack codebot, based on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). The LAMP stack is one of the most mature development platforms for application development, and LAMPBot pairs with a Backbone Marionette client-side framework to deliver a full stack application. LAMPbot was our first commercialised codebot and has been actively developing since 2014.

Second-generation codebots cannot be used on the Codebots Platform, and are designed for use in a local environment.