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What is Codebots?

An introduction to Codebots and what it is capable of.

Codebots is a cloud-based platform where you can collaborate with our codebots to build on average, 90% of the code base of your application. We offer three values to assist in this mission: quality at speed, reuse with scale, and freedom meets control.

However, at Codebots our aim is to do more than simply save you time writing code. The Codebots goal is to assist development teams throughout the entirety of their development cycle: plan, build, and test. We do this through our three different products: Platform, Library and Academy.

The Platform is where the planning, building, testing and launching happens. Your team can work concurrently to build the foundation of your applications.

Library is your team’s knowledge base. It contains documentation about every app, automatically written by the bots every time a new build is completed - including a link to all your API endpoints. Your team can make use of the books to arrange information and even create new articles for knowledge documentation as required.

Academy is the home of learning on Codebots. It contains courses to help teach you everything you need to know in order to use Codebots most effectively for software development.

Codebots has a range of pre-built common functionalities called behaviours which accelerate development. We continuously modernise our catalogue of behaviours, and create new ones based on market demand.

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