What is the Library?

Learn how to use the Codebots Library to share and discover knowledge.

Think of the Library like your own personal wikipedia for your Codebots site. It comes with an extensive knowledge base about the Platform and bots, and also allows you to write articles of your own, so you can use it write your own documentation.

The articles are sorted into different books which represent different topics. You can choose to browse the articles inside of each book, or just do a Library-wide search to find what you are looking for. Next to the search are some filters so you can find articles with specific tags or authors if needed.

Any time you make an app on your site, a book is also made automatically. You can delete this book if you wish, or fill it up with documentation about your app.

Getting around the Library.

To get to the Library, open the Learn slideout (from the left menu) and choose the Library option. Alternatively, you can click on the Library button on the organisation home page.

Opening Library

There are three links in the Library menu:

  • Explore takes you to the library home page, where you can see some of the books in your library, a list of the most recently edited articles, a large field where you can search.
  • Books shows you all of the books you have access to, split by Codebots books and your site’s books. Clicking on one of these will take you to a list of every article in that book.
  • My Articles Shows you articles which you have created or edited in your Library.