Timelines extension overview

An introduction to the Timeline extension.

The Timelines extension provides a visual tool which allows users to view information on entities within their application. This log of information includes actions such as creating, updating, and deleting, following the rules laid out by the security model. In terms of use-cases, the extension could be used in your app to build an audit trail, booking history, or a log of actions by your codebot.

Out of the box, the Timelines extension extends the functionality provided by the Developer API and CRUD features in any Codebots app. However, as is the case with any other extension available on Codebots, you’re never limited by the basic functionality that it provides. Developers can always customise the source code of a Codebots app to further extend the capabilities of Timelines, like custom security and event handling.

The Timelines extension is suitable for:

  • Data comparison – The ability to filter and view information in a certain amount of time and compare it to one another.
  • Viewing entity changes – The ability to view entity changes throughout time.
  • Activity of your application – The ability to view how often your application is being used and how often items are being logged.

On the contrary, the Timelines extension is not suitable for:

  • Versions - The ability to see a snapshot of the entity at a point on the timeline.

To learn more, be sure to check out our Timelines extension course here.


Viewing Timelines in the Admin Section

Inside of the Admin Section of an app, you can access a timeline displaying information for each of the entities Adding the Timelines extension to your application.

Viewing Timelines on the Front-end

Adding the Timelines extension to your application, a timeline relating to a specific entity can also be displayed in the front-end of an app. This looks and functions in a similar way to the timeline in the admin section, without the ability to filter between different entities.