Release notes for version of C#Bot.


  • User management

    • List of all active users
    • Set a user’s user type
    • Can deactivate and reactivate users in the system
    • Reset a password


  • Added protect regions to support minimum scheduled task (intervals down to one second)
  • Add a protected region to top of Fronend.tsx
  • TEXT and LONG TEXT use text areas instead of text fields
  • The ability to add custom classes to navigation links
  • Added protected regions to login and registration pages
  • Improved protected regions in @CRUD decorators
  • Added protected regions to ModalUtils
  • You can now set sync comboboxes as disabled
  • Increased user password requirements to 12 characters minimum length
  • A cleanup of the FormsTile entities
  • Updated the testing suite
  • Allow display names to be used for entities to override the default model name
  • Support to manually assign current Users and Groups
  • Creation of a FieldSets Component
  • New EntityFormLayout Component
  • Protected regions in DataSeedHelper.cs and SchedulerHostedService.cs
  • New service provider in SchedulerHostedService constructor
  • Updated EmailService to support config display name of the from address
  • Updated the Combobox library
  • Added a protected region in the user service
  • Changed the Login field to be email rather than text
  • Added React Form Wrapper component

Resolved Defects

  • Prevented C# endpoints from automatically saving other database changes when submitting audit logs
  • isClearable didn’t work for sync comboboxes
  • Removed references to FormTile which caused failure when no Form Tile was present in the UI
  • The home button in the administration section took you to the frontend home, rather than the admin home
  • The camel case string util was returning the incorrect value, causing a bug on the forms page
  • Removed a duplicate API Test Model function
  • Resolved incorrect interface variable usage
  • Issues with the Workflow sidebar crashing
  • Fixed an Audit Logs Exception within the Workflow Behaviour

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