The release notes from the new version of C#Bot.


No new features were included.


  • Added Model Validators

    • Cannot Set both Source and Optional references to false, this would result in being unable to create the entity.
    • Improved validation of having the same behaviour twice on a single entity.
    • Improved validation messages
  • Back end support for future Attribute level validators.
  • Add bot written readme
  • Split GraphiQL out from main javascript bundle, reducing the package size for production builds.
  • Improve Performance of Entity Framework Read Operations
  • Make entity collection not fetch references by default

    • The fetch for a list of references now no longer uses the defaultExpands model field.
  • Added forms page protected regions
  • Forms questions are now sorted by default

Resolved Defects

  • File system storage provider not overwriting
  • Remove duplicated protected region.

Migration Path

CRUD List References

Due to the CRUD list now no longer using defaultExpands when fetching the data then not all information will be available that used to be there. To tell the list to fetch certain references the clientside model file add the following code.

// clientside/src/Models/Entities/ExampleEntity.tsx

public listExpands = `
  someReferenceField {

Protected Region

  • Entity controller protected region Override Get here was duplicated, it was renamed to Override Get by id here.