The release notes from the new version of C#Bot.


No new features were included.


  • Added Protected regions.
  • Overhauled the Context component.

    • Improved customisation and added new properties
    • Updated scrolling for open context menu items

Resolved Defects

  • Resolved issues with ModelAPIQuery refetch method.
  • Added missing @observable attribute to model component.
  • Fixed issue with Timeline view links in production mode.
  • Resolved rare issue where Super was unable to access ‘All Users Page’.

Migration Path

Context Menu Props

With the update to the ContextMenu component some of its props have changed.

  • The id prop has been removed
  • For the actions prop the following changes have been made

    • The showIcon field has been removed
    • The isAdditional field has been removed

Protected Regions

Some protected regions have been renamed or moved to allow for better customisation of the source code. Any custom code in these protected regions will need to be migrated in the new version.

File Old New Reason
IEmailService.cs Customize initial renderSelectAllCheckbox here Customize renderSelectAllCheckbox here Replaced with protected region that wraps entire function
ICrudService.cs Add extra ICrudServide methods here Add extra ICrudService methods here Corrected spelling error in protected region name