C#Bot Release

The release notes from the new version of C#Bot.


  • New protected regions:

    • extending identity provider support
    • backend registration code
    • content on the admin page templates
    • the administrator’s topbar
  • New question tile types for Forms:

    • Radio buttons
    • Date Field


  • Upgrade .Net Core to 3.1
  • Improve API Test setup
  • In ModelCollection and ModelAPIQuery:

    • Adjust the pagination
    • add more Params, searchStr, orderyBy, descending, to match the backend API
    • This change is to support more abilities for ModelAPIQuery.
  • Update C#bot Test Framework:

    • General Codestyle updates
    • Add fluent assertions Library for future use
    • Step definitions inherit from base step definition
    • Remove duplication from base section and base page
    • Organise Loose Step definitions
  • Add option to see theme of Flatpickr (Datepickr Library)

Resolved Defects

  • Forms submissions issues:

    • not showing checked checkboxes
    • Export doesn’t contain the data added within the form
    • Shows more information in the submission CRUD view
  • The logout button appears on front-end visitor pages even when logged out
  • Form Entity validation warnings were appearing when they shouldn’t happen
  • Cannot make submission entities in the back end, causes a form version error
  • The registration page shows ‘Entity’ at the end of all users in the dropdown list
  • Workflow state front end crashes

Migration Path

  • ASP.NET Core was upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 which is an LTS version. You may need to review the Breaking Changes and apply the fixes, if applicable.
  • The test framework had several codestyle updates, you may need to update the casing for helper methods including ‘ToJson’ and ‘ToDictionary’
  • Test models ToString method was removed, any code which relies on this should be replaced.
  • Selenium Tests: ‘Given’, ‘When’ and ‘Then’ step definition files were removed, all step definitions were moved into logical categories, please pull any protected region code out of here and put it into the appropriate places.