C#Bot Release

The release notes from the new version of C#Bot.


  • Changed logging framework to Serilog.

    • Better log formatting for console logs
    • Adds ability to send structured logs to log consumers
  • Audit Logs were moved from the database to the logger


  • Upgrade Typescript from 3.5.3 to 3.8.3
  • Add an Index so Workflow state is consistent ordered
  • Improved validation

    • Enum Literal Names for unsupported characters
    • User behaviour, first name and phone number attribute names are now reserved
    • Form behaviour, name attribute is now reserved
    • Id and owner are now reserved attribute names
  • Improved CRUD Entity components so they are more configurable

Resolved Defects

  • Resolved several compilation errors for references in C# test framework
  • Workflow sidebar state should now consistently display the correct information

Migration Path

  • Audit Logs: The Audit logs table will be removed in your next migration. If you would like keep the information in this table, please back it up before applying your migrations.
  • TypeScript: The Typescript version was updated to version 3.8, the bot written code has already been updated, but you may need to consider breaking changes in your custom code, you can find the list of breaking changes between the relevant versions in the list below:

  • Validation: There stricter validation rules added in this release with respect to enums and attribute names. If you receive these validation errors you will need to rename the attributes to a supported attribute/enum name and apply the naming migrations in your development and deployed environments