The release notes from version of the Codebots Product


  • New page to manage your team members
  • Creation of the dashboard page
  • Added default user images
  • Automatically adding new accounts into the service desk so they can log tickets
  • New free trial/licensing functionality
  • Complete revamp of the slideout menu


  • Cleaned up the redirect to the apps page when in reference with no apps selected
  • Added ability to embed library articles within Academy lessons, rather than just linking to them
  • Changing of the bot logos
  • Automatically uppercase the app ID in the app creation wizard

Resolved Defects

  • When you delete your currently selected app, it should be unselected as the active app
  • Fixed issue with building lessons in the backend
  • Fixed issue with building reference docs
  • Some Academy assessment lessons marked as failed when completed
  • Fixed issues with scrolling in the test section
  • When creating an issue in Plan, quickly pressing enter twice causes a second issue to be created with a null key
  • Non site-admins were not able to request bot version upgrades
  • Stop allowing inactive accounts to reset their passwords
  • Newly created apps with external git don’t show on the apps page

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