The release notes from version of the Codebots Product.


  • Introduction of the payments feature to handle billing
  • A news tile on the login screen
  • New user role: Administrator
  • Teams feature

    • Locked-down Git access
    • Apps can only be accessed by specific team members
    • Admins and app owners can invite users to a specific app
    • Admins and Site Owners can manage team members on a site level
    • Admins can site owners can see all apps on a site
  • Site and app settings pages
  • Ability to remove an app


  • Minor rewording of the bug request email
  • Improved feedback submission time
  • Made the use of app name and short name more consistent
  • Side menu split:

    • One is app focused, the other is site focused
    • Site menu give admins and site-owners access to additional management pages in the site
  • Redesign of the app selector page
  • Login page styling changes
  • Changes to the dashboard stats
  • Added security based tests to make sure new user features are implemented well
  • Redesigned the site application page

Resolved Defects

  • Resolved issues with assessments in the Academy not completing correctly
  • Issues with long entity names in the security diagram pushing the select button out of a clickable area
  • Problems with deleting issues in Plan