The release notes from the new version of the Codebots Product.


  • Newly styled site selector which appears on login.
  • New site owner welcome process
  • Ability to include the bot-written tests in your test section


  • Included icons after external links within Library articles
  • More graceful handling of the removing of a site owner
  • Remove link to ‘All Lessons’ in Academy and added a ‘Start Here’ button
  • Include link to Git settings in ‘All Built’ message

Resolved Defects

  • Changed the failed build pop-up message
  • Bulk moving tickets in Plan failed to update correctly
  • Issues with saving a Library article but no validation messages were shown
  • Navigating back from the Entity Diagram causes entities to disappear then come back with errors
  • Library search breaks when % or # is put in the search bar
  • New App button moves between different browsers