The release notes from the hotfix version of the Codebots Product.


No new features were included.


  • Changed it so the currently selected app is the first on the app selection page

Resolved Defects

  • When filtering articles via tag, not all the articles with the given tag appear, due to them being renamed
  • If a user is removed from an app, if it is still their selected app then they hit issues when they log back in
  • The build diagram sub menus stay open if switch over to another diagram
  • The top create app button on the app selection screen is not properly aligned
  • When the Plan board is sorted by name and a ticket gets renamed, it doesn’t shift in its position
  • If you create a new test scenario and then immediately go back to list the new test will show up a second later with duplicate IDs and you will be unable to edit the scenarios
  • Cannot search by page or entity in the Security Diagram search field
  • Issues with displaying embedded Library articles in the Academy
  • Issues with bot version requests being sent with the wrong versions

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