The release notes from version of the Codebots Product.


  • Triggers have been added to Learn

    • Only suggests items which you can do
    • Tracks what has and has not been done so you can keep track
  • Site settings page for site owners where they can manage the site name and logo


  • In-article links don’t open in a new tab, just scrolls the page.
  • Improved the sorting of the key field in Plan so it orders correctly (1, 2, 3 instead of 1, 11, 12 - numerical rather than alphabetical)

Resolved Defects

  • Minor styling issues in Team
  • When making your own Git repo, there were issues with some ssh URLs being treated as https
  • Forgotten password screen was missing a back button
  • Can now update your profile picture without needing to enter your password
  • Issues with file uploads in the Library