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The release notes from version of the Codebots Product.


  • Migration from AWS to Azure


  • Added a view in Git link to the Git settings page.
    • Also gracefully handles it when the git settings haven't been set up yet.
  • Added validation against the Form tile to prevent the user from choosing an entity without the Form behaviour on it.
  • Minor spelling and grammar fixes.
  • Now shows a message saying that a minimum of three characters is required to search in Library, rather than just saying there are no results.
  • Integrated Mermaid in the Library to make it easier to format certain content.
  • Code block syntax highlighting in Library and Academy.
  • Added a copy button to all code blocks in the Library and Academy.
  • Improved validation on forbidden characters in app names.

Resolved Defects

  • When an article was moved to a different book in parent, it would not move when viewed on a child site.
  • When the italics formatting is used in Plan detail view and preview is activated, it is bolded as well.
  • Fixed broken styling on the empty state of the site dashboard.
  • If your login session times out while in the Academy, it fails to handle it properly.