The release notes from the new version of the Codebots Product.


No new features were added in this release.


  • Tooltip system has been completely overhauled across the build section
  • Build section onboarding has been upgraded to a 3-step modal
  • Entity diagram refreshes automatically after updating bots
  • Attributes, behaviours and validators are now listed in order of most used
  • Ability to show/hide tips on the entity diagram flyout menus

Resolved Defects

  • Pressing the delete key on a Mac no longer requires function key to work in build section
  • Test section is not available after a first build which failed due to validation errors
  • Project key is automatically generated and previously made apps with no key have been updated to have one
  • Correct styling for onboarding information during new user signup
  • Deleting a page on UI diagram correctly selects and displays properties of next page
  • Toast removed from UI diagram when clicking a disabled tile
  • Image for free plan on billing page displays correctly