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The release notes from the new version of the Codebots Product.


  • Added the ability to automatically upgrade bots to the latest version when possible


  • Diagram editor: You can now use the minimap to navigate the diagram by clicking or dragging the viewbox on it
  • Diagram editor: Multiple attributes can be moved between entities at once
  • Diagram editor: Labels can now be added to connections
  • Diagram editor: Attribute and entity buttons are now contextual: they only become available when they are able to be used

Resolved Defects

  • Library links no longer overwrite custom link text with the article name when linking to internal articles
  • Diagram editor: text is no longer blurry when zooming in
  • Diagram editor: After deleting an attribute entities now automatically resize
  • View more apps button no longer appears on the dashboard when there’s no more apps to view

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