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The release notes from the new version of the Codebots Product.


  • New interactive onboarding process of the entity diagram of a simple “todo” app example


  • App switcher can now be used on dashboard on mobile or smaller screen sizes
  • Learn codebots content has been deprecated, with the learn codebots section now pushing users over to the academy and library
  • Added warning message when trying to add someone to your organisation if they have already been invited

Resolved Defects

  • Fixed issue where new app buttons disabled in the app switching full screen modal
  • Fixed testing section wrongly disabled initially after login on apps which have previously built
  • Remove unnessecary error toast when dragging the wrong shapes in the diagram editor
  • Stop side menu icon from animating on active section, instead, only animates on mouse hover
  • Custom tile now displays name of custom tile in the ui diagram

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