The release notes from the new version of the Codebots Product.


  • Added file browser to Fireworks to preview bot-written files
  • Automatically setup git repository when going through the quickstart
  • Added countdown timer to previewed app


  • Dramatically improved bot build speed
  • Improved Fireworks performance
  • Better responsiveness for smaller screens and mobile devices
  • Joyride is now opt-in, and can be restarted at any time
  • Improved UI and UX around diagram validation errors
  • Improved handling of expired “launch preview” links
  • First page placed on the diagram is now automatically marked as the “home” page
  • Other minor UI/UX improvements

Resolved Defects

  • Strange characters were showing up in library and academy articles
  • Academy lesson could not be resumed
  • Build timer was not zero-padded
  • Descriptions of behaviours were missing from the properties panel in the build diagram
  • Attributes/Behaviours/Enum Literals were “jumping” around between entities/enums
  • Other minor bugfixes

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