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Release notes for Springbot version


  • ‘Select All’ functionality for CRUD Tiles


  • Improved Docker startup speed with prebuilt docker images
  • Updated Springbot default configuration values to match docker
  • Extended bot written
  • Added additional protected regions
  • Added ‘Locale’ to list of reserved words for springbot validation

Resolved Defects

  • Fixed unusable tests when a user has no back end access
  • Set ‘read_by’ attribute in read_audit tables to stop it from being set to null
  • Ensured ‘created_by’ attribute in entity tables is not set to null when updating an entity
  • Changed admin user name in tests to be a variable instead of hard coding
  • Added validator for Form Tiles which ensures that an entity with the Forms Behaviour exists
  • Removed duplicate protected regions
  • Resolved issues where bot was writing a file with incorrect imports

Migration Path

Protected Regions

File ID New ID Notes
clientside/src/app/lib/scss/frontend/components/navigation/navigation.scss Change tabs styles here Change breadcrumbs styles here Modifying protected region name to remove a duplicate
serverside/src/main/java/[Project Name]/services/[Entity Name] Add any additional logic before the query parameters of entity properties here Add any additional logic before the query parameters of [Attribute Name] here Protected region was defined within a loop, so resulted in duplicates. Modified to ensure Protected region names are unique

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