Adding a Form to the Frontend

How to configure a Form behaviour tile to show your form.

Before you begin…

This article assumes that you have added a Forms behaviour to your app and built it, following the instructions in Adding the Forms Behaviour and Building a Form.

Linking a Form and a Tile

From the admin area of your application, you can configure which form is displayed in the Form tile you added in the UI model.

Select the Entities options from the main menu. You should see an entity named [Form Name] Form Tile. Select this option.


You will be taken to a CRUD page. Here we can link a form with a Form Tile.

Select Create [Form Name] Form Tile from the top right of the CRUD page.


On this [Form Name] Form Tile creation page, you can link a tile with a form.

Tile: The tile that has been defined on the UI model to display a form.
Form: An instance of the form entity you with you to display through the tile.

Select the tile and the form you wish to link.


Click 'Submit' to make create the form - tile link.


Viewing the Form Tile

Use the top admin navigation bar to switch to the ‘Frontend’ of your application.

In the frontend navigation menu you should see the name of the FormTile as an option. By clicking on this link you should be directed to the page where submissions can be made against your form.


Last updated: 28 November 2019

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