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Bot Versioning

A codebot is versioned using a variation of the semantic versioning process and as such the version numbers can be used to assist in understanding the scope of changes that a given version introduces.

The codebots are released using a variation of semantic versioning to assist in mimising disruptions to a develop cycle whilst also allowing development teams to take advantage of any bot improvements.

The last three digits of a bot version are consistent with the major, minor and patch increments from semantic versioning. The first number represents more major improvements such as support for a new behaviour.

For example, a codebot version number may look like The current version of your codebot for your project can be seen in the entity diagram.


The general rule of thumb is patches require no migrations (version increments of the fourth digit i.e., minor releases can require migrations that take a few minutes (version increments of the third digit i.e., and major migrations are reserved for version increments of the first two digits.

This is just a guide and it is recommended you refer to the release notes of each new release before upgrading to minimise the impact of any changes.

See C#Bot Versions, and SpringBot Versions for the release notes for each of the bots available.

For more details on semantic versioning within Codebots see Semantic Versioning

Last updated: 25 July 2020

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