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Platform testing

Overview of running tests using the Codebots Platform

An application which you have created using the Codebots Platform has an associated testing page. The Test section is available to users on our Pro plan and is accessible from the sidebar in the Platform once the bot has written your application for the first time. The Codebots Platform is only capable of running Selenium tests.

The Codebots Test section utilises a drag & drop system which allows for building Selenium tests out of predefined step definitions which are present within the bot-written code. Custom step definitions can be created within the target application in order to test custom code written within protected regions.


The Test page will display all of the Selenium tests which are present in your application, including both human and bot-written tests written directly in the application, as well as tests created through the Platform. Running these tests from within the Platform will show the status of the tests once they have completed, and allows for viewing the information about the test execution by clicking the View Results button.


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