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Protected Region Request Process

The process for requesting a new protected region be added.

Protected regions have been added in strategic locations based upon feedback from different projects. However, as every project is unique, there may not always be a protected region in the location required.

The following process describes how to add a new protected region:

  1. Record the location of the required protected region, both file, and line numbers as well as the reason[^1].

    For example, the details to include may appear as follows:

    FilePath: serverside/src/main/java/com/springbot/workflow/lib/services/email/Email.java
    Reason: Set a default subject line for all emails.

  2. Submit this information as well as the priority as a service feedback issue [^2]. Make sure you mention the request is for a new protected region.

  3. You will be contacted via this request with information regarding to when the protected region will become available.

[^1]: The reason is included as there are cases where there are alternative ways to achieve the same outcome with the existing protected regions.

[^2]: The priority is important in assisting the customer support team in providing the best support possible.