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Brief Stage

A “brief” introduction to the brief stage.

The goal of the brief stage is for partners and customers to learn more about each other and present a high level understanding of how their project will be undertaken. The partner seeks to understand the problem (or opportunity) the customer is hoping to solve with a digital product and define what their goal and success criteria is. As part of this stage the briefing team will layout the customer’s user journey and seek to define a first step to be scoped. This is then presented back to the customer with a plan of how the partner will undertake their project.

Brief Process

The account manager is the main facilitator of the brief stage, but they may call on other team members to participate. The length of time required varies, though it is ideal to conduct this process over the course of a week.

There are generally 3 meetings conducted during the brief stage but this may vary depending on the specific project:

Initial phone call (approx. 15 minutes)

During the initial phone call, the account manager establishes what the problem is and initiates discussion around what will be done during the workshop. They also provide a general summary of the Way of Working and how a project progresses through the various stages.

Discovery workshop (approx. 2 hours)

The Discovery Workshop is used to learn and understand: what the customers business goals are, what their goal is for engaging with the partner, what their criteria for success will be and what problem/s they are hoping to solve with this project. The team will map out what the customers user journey is and what steps the business takes to complete a desired outcome. Team members will help the customer focus in on their most pressing problem that they can solve early on with an MVP of work. Be sure not to get too bogged down in any solution generating this early on.

If the customer is coming with a ready solution or a backlog of stories then the team should still focus in on finding the first problem they are having and explain how the scoping team will proceed with identifying an MVP from that.

The goal of brief is to make sure the partner and customer will be able to have a good working relationship and to build trust with the customer that the partner is the best fit for their business needs. The partner is looking to make sure that the customer understands how we work and what steps and stages we undertake to craft solutions and digital products with our Way of Working.

Presentation meeting

During the presentation meeting, the account manager presents the team’s realisation of the project in the form of a brief document. The brief document may include the customers goals, problem statement, success criteria, understanding of what their users journey is and where they can learn more about the partners services and Way of Working.

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