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Experiment Process

How to write and run a Way of Working experiment.

The mantra behind our Way of Working is todiscover new boundaries. It is encouraged that everyone proposes experiments in the name of constantly improving the methodology. If the results of an experiment are approved by the appropriate leads and management, it becomes a part of our Way of Working.

Experiment Process

Step 1: Identify improvement potential

The first stage of an experiment is to identify the need to conduct one, and then clearly explain what the problem is. Useful questions which can assist in this process are:

  • Where did the problem occur?
  • When did the problem occur?
  • What process did the problem involve?
  • How is the problem measured?
  • How much is the problem costing?

Step 2: Analyse current methods

To find the best solution, the root cause of the problem must first be properly identified. The root cause can be found through analysing the historical data and speaking with members of the team.

Step 3: Generate ideas or improvements

The next step is to identify potential solutions. Brainstorming is an important part of this step, as it helps conceive of a range of solutions. For each idea, establish how it will help solve the problem and any potential pros and cons.

Step 4: Develop an Implementation Plan

After a range of solutions have been identified, the most appropriate one for the problem can be chosen. The next step is to create a strategy to implement a solution. The following points should be answered in the Implementation Plan:

  • Who is in charge of the experiment?
  • Who is involved in the experiment?
  • Duration of the experiment
  • How we are implementing the experiment
  • How to track or measure the experiment (in money, time, customer satisfaction, or another critical metric)

Step 5: Evaluate the new method

Once the Implementation Plan has ended, the findings of the experiment are discussed amongst the squad leads. The leads will determine whether the experiment achieved the measurable goals and if it could be considered a success. If the method failed, it should be identified why and a new strategy should be iterated over.

If the method worked, then the strategy should be proposed to management, who alongside the leads, will determine if the strategy is both beneficial and applicable across the whole company. If the method is approved, it becomes a part of the new Way of Working.

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