We're hiring: Community Builder

by Indi Tansey, Jul 06, 2017

About us

Codebots is a Brisbane-based technology startup taking on the global giants to cement itself as a major player in the billion dollar low-code industry. On the platform, the bot writes 92% (on average) of an application’s code and a human completes the remaining 8%. Collaborating with a codebot means rapid delivery, better quality, maximum control, and most importantly, less time coding and more time creating.
Codebots is on a mission to help humans team up with code-writing bots to design, build, and launch awesome software to the cloud.

About the role

We are looking for a full-time Community Builder to shadow our Community Lead. Every day will be different (it’s a startup after all) but your role will incorporate:
    • Partnerships
    • Influencer outreach
    • Growth hacking
    • Organising and attending events
    • Networking
    • Community building
You’ll work with a team of star software engineers, UX designers, and growth hackers in a fast-paced environment. You’ll set goals, timelines, and orchestrate the delivery of content, partnerships, and events to help our community be engaged in our mission and use our platform when it launches in 2018.
As a Community Builder, you will work to build awareness and adoption of Codebots within Australia and around the world.

About you

You'll sponge up everything you can from our Community Lead and then use your rock star talents to help build the Codebots community. You’ve probably heard of user experience (UX) design, well a Community Builder is a human experience (HX) designer.
You can’t go to school to get a degree for this role, but a mix of some of these 20 skills will set you up for success:
    1. You’re driven by helping people.
    2. You've set up or run clubs, societies or groups (online or offline).
    3. You have excellent organisational and prioritisation skills.
    4. You have strong empathy.
    5. You are well connected in the tech/startup community.
    6. You have coding skills.
    7. You have a knack for bringing groups of people together.
    8. You can identify a problem, make a plan, and measure yourself against it.
    9. You love online communities, content, and growing real conversations within them.
    10. You’ve worked at or launched a startup.
    11. You’re a natural networker and love the idea of attending and running events.
    12. You’ve worked in a growth, marketing, or content role.
    13. You have strong writing skills and personality.
    14. You have been part of a team that has created a software product.
    15. You’re constantly thinking about new ideas and aren’t afraid to try them.
    16. You have an interest in data and metrics.
    17. You have experience posting, growing, and analysing social media channels.
    18. You have light graphics editing skills.
    19. You are tech savvy, can pick up new tools quickly.
    20. You are a thought leader and actively campaign for what you’re passionate about.
Our community is a mixture of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who are motivated by the idea of collaborating with codebots to make their software dreams a reality. You might already have experience in one of these categories, and this sentiment will resonate with you.
If you found yourself nodding throughout, and you’d like to know more, email indi@codebots.com and answer these questions:
    • Why do you think a community is so important for a tech business?
    • What is your favourite online community and why?
    • What are your top 5 skills that make you right for this role?
    • What is an example of a community (offline or online) that you’ve helped set up or grow?
    • Where is the best place to learn about you online (LinkedIn, blog, Twitter, etc.)?
Want to know more about Codebots, see how the journey began with the $250,000 grant from Advance Queensland!