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Materials for use in marketing and branding.

Our logo.

At the heart of our brand is our logo. As Codebots has evolved so too has our Logo. Below is a set of guidelines and rules to make sure it is displayed correctly.

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Our mark.

The first appearance of our logo on all marketing materials must showcase the standard inline logo (the mark with the full company name). If you use the logo again, you are permitted to use the logo mark alone.

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Logo types.

Codebots uses three types of logos. The standard inline logo, the stacked logo when required for specific spacing, and the logo mark for repeated branding appearances. We recommend the inline logo for most cases. If your logo is stacked, you are permitted to use our stacked logo to optimise balance. Avoid using the logo mark alone, unless it is required for balancing with other logo marks.

Please adhere to the following logo rules:

Spacing and exlusion.

The Codebots logo and mark must have a space border at least half the height of the logo in all use cases.

Minimum size.

The Codebots logo should never be smaller than 80px in digital or 40mm in print. The mark should never be smaller than 16px in digital or 6mm in print.

Logo colour.

Codebots logos must only appear on white backgrounds. If a logo must appear on any other background colour, or over a graphic, the logo itself must be white, or our secondary colour "Void". The Codebots logos may also be used in true black colour on a white background when required, i.e. for print. If the logo is displayed on either "Sol" or "Luna", from the Codebots brand colour scheme, the logo may be used in duotone. This is the only use case for a duotone Codebots logo.

Logo misuses.

It is important that the appearance of our logo remains consistent. The logo must not be edited or changed from the approved colour combinations and styles. Do not attempt to alter the logo in any way " there are no exceptions.

Filson Soft - primary

lato - secondary

Our fonts.

Codebots brand fonts are Filson Soft and Lato. Filson Soft is our primary font, used for headlines and large text. Lato is our display and reading font. We recommend using your own branding fonts when creating marketing material.

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Our colours.

Codebots is a bright and colourful brand and our colour palette reflects that. Our primary brand colours are pink (Sol) and purple (Luna). Our secondary colours are black (Void) and white. When using other colours in our brand palette, ensure all colours have a high contrast, as outlined in the graphics and illustrations section.

Graphics and Illustrations.

Codebots uses illustrations and pictograms to convey meaning and support our content. As can access approved campaign graphics in each unique campaign. Graphics are to be used as packaged. You must not alter, edit or change Codebots graphics in any way.


The most common graphic we use is our planets. They are based on the Jovian moons. A larger circle (planet) always appears mostly off canvas, with two smaller circles (planets) transiting it. Larger planets must appear on opposite corners, and only one will have two smaller planets in orbit. Planet colours must be in high contrast to each other. Primary brand colours are usually used for larger planets.


Our illustrations reflect humans and bots working together. Our geometric shapes and line sketches showcase the playful, creative theme of our brand.

Partner logos.

To showcase a partnership with us, use one of our partner logos. For co-branding and co-promoting campaigns, we recommend the standard Codebots inline logo. For campaigns or marketing materials run solely by your company, we recommend using the partner logos.

Download partner logos.