Your pocket guide to
continuous modernisation

The Manual of Continuous Modernisation for Legacy Systems

By Dr. Eban Escott and Indi Tansey

The book of continuous modernisation for legacy systems is both a theoretical and practical approach to managing complex software ecosystems using Codebots technologies.

  1. Introduction
  2. Legacy Systems
  3. Strategy and Tactics
  4. Codebots
  5. Migration Kit
  6. Conclusion and Appendices

Version 1.0 - 04/2019

Hypothesis Statement

Business agility can be positively impacted through a process of continuous modernisation. Continuous modernisation is a strategy for legacy systems to ensure the software fits the people using it. When a software/people fit is found, momentum is gained by the organisation and business agility is increased.


Let's set the stage for how to continuously modernise your organisation.

Legacy Systems

The root causes, inescapable truths, and a playbook of some amazing migration patterns.

Strategy and Tactics

A strategy is the overarching plan. Tactics are specific actions undertaken as part of the strategy.


Let's deep dive into what a codebot actually is and how it can help you.

Migration Kit

A practical kit of activities for your legacy migration projects.

Conclusion and Appendices

What does the future hold, and how can we keep improving?

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