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Build an app in a day: Codebots 101 workshop

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Deep dive into the Codebots Platform and find out how you can plan, build, test, and launch apps 8.3x faster with bots. Work one-on-one with our platform experts as you build your first application on Codebots.

What is a Codebots workshop and who are they for?

At Codebots, we are advocates for continuous learning and development. Our vision is a future where humans and bots work together to create better solutions. If we let bots take care of monotonous, easily automated tasks, we get to focus on the mentally stimulating, creative and complex challenges we are passionate about, solving problems with a tool artificial intelligence will never have: empathy.

Our Codebots Workshops invite curious developers and explorers on a bot-driven journey of the Codebots Platform. We see these workshops as your first step toward digital transformation and a state of continuous modernisation,

What’s covered in a Codebots workshop?

Taking a Codebots workshop is your first step toward working with bots. Our workshops currently cover introductory Academy lessons, with a focus on onboarding new users on the Codebots platform. Workshops are run in small groups, so you get plenty of one-on-one time with platform experts to solidify your knowledge and understanding.

Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and coffee are provided.

The following is a high level outline of what’s covered in a Codebots workshop.

Introduction to the (code)bots.

Our codebots are software robots who write code alongside your team. A codebot helps you build better quality software faster, with greater reuse, freedom, and control. This collective effort increases business agility.

The codebots write, on average, 92% of an application’s codebase, in 100% human readable code. This eliminates some of the most frustrating elements typically associated with code generators and low-code platforms. We have a range of both server and client side codebots that can be paired effectively for you ideal development environment.

Build with extensions

Our extensions are pre-built, common functionalities that accelerate development. Our extensions are reusable, saving time, and completely customisable, where freedom meets control. You can add extensions to your entities, or drag-and-drop them into your interface.

We continuously modernise our catalogue of extensions, and create new ones based on market demand.

Platform walkthrough

We introduce you to the Codebots Library and Academy then guide you through the Platform.

The Library is your knowledge base, containing documentation about your apps, automatically written by your bots every time a new build is complete.

The Academy is our education hub, giving you access to everything you need to know about building better with bots. Through Academy, you can complete lessons and obtain qualifications that enable you to fully utilise what Codebots offers.

The Platform is where the planning, building, testing and launching happens. Your team can work together to build the foundation of your applications.


Ideate, organise, and manage your software requirements.


Harness bot-power and start experimenting with customisation in protected regions.


Learn how to create automated tests, using a traceability matrix to ensure total testing coverage.


Progress your software through from beta to production.

Hello world guided project

Our Platform experts guide you step-by-step through building your first project on Codebots. In this section, you will use 100% drag-and-drop bot-written features to complete your project, which is suitable for all technical skill levels.

Hello universe: build your own app with bots.

After we get you set up and walk you through how things work, we set you loose on your own bot-powered exploration. This is where the fun really begins.

Hello Universe allows you to combine bot-written features with custom code. This section is better suited to developers and technical enthusiasts with coding knowledge.

In Hello Universe, we have had workshop participants build personal movie managers, soundboards and basic status sharing apps, to name a few. In one of our early workshops, participants were given their login details a few days prior to the workshop for a sneak preview. One enthusiastic developer arrived with an app already built, so he got to spend his Hello Universe time customising further.

At the end of each workshop, participant receives a certificate of Academy course completion. The participant that builds the best app during Hello Universe receives a prize.

Your early access Codebots Platform free trial.

Upon completing your Codebots workshop and obtaining your Codebots 101 certification, you get early access to a free trial of the Codebots Platform. As an early adopter, you get to continue your exploration and experimentation with bots post workshop, before anyone else in the world.

Our Platform experts will be in touch during your free trial to help you out with any questions or feedback you may have.

About Codebots.

Plan, build, test, and launch applications in a cloud environment, with bots that code. Codebots adopts a continuous modernisation mindset, leading a future where humans and bots work together to create awesome software. Our bots, extensions, and overall platform will continuously evolve alongside our users.

Codebots free trials opened to the general public on January 13, 2020. Sign up now and start building straight away!

For more Codebots, check out or Continuous Modernisation Playbook and Way of Working.

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Last updated: 25 November 2019

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