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Codebots just got faster!

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Introducing some very exciting new features in platform release The bots are now faster, the app creation process is easier, and a bunch of bugs have been resolved, which hopefully should make things easier.

Codebots release

Some very exciting things were included in the newest release of the Platform. With release, the bots are now faster, the app creation process is easier, and a bunch of bugs have been resolved, which hopefully should make things easier.

Faster bots

With the release of the new version of Codebots, things got just that little bit speedier. The new release means that the bots now run faster on the Platform, increasing both the app setup time and the build time, essentially anywhere where you directly interact with the bots. We did some comparisons between projects running on both the old and new version, and we found that, on average, the build speed was five times faster! This was done using a new version of what we call the BotRunner, which is what the codebots use to work with the Platform.


As part of this change, all projects will need to be upgraded to their latest versions in order to be able to build. We recommend you go ahead and submit a bot upgrade request now, but if you forget, you will be prompted to do it the next time you try and build.

New app wizard

We coupled those speed improvements with a facelift to the app creation wizard. We have removed some steps to make it simpler than ever to create a new project. As part of this, the Git repositories are no longer set up right away, instead you will be asked to update them the first time you build. Additionally, we no longer ask you to come up with an app ‘key’ right away. Since the keys are only used in Plan, you will only need to nominate one if you start using the Plan section. Below is a video of the new app wizard, so you can see the changes for yourself.

Want to know more?

For the exact details of what was in this release, take a look at the release notes here or on your Codebots Library. There we list out every improvement and bug which has been implemented in this new version.

Some previous releases

Unfortunately, not every release is lucky enough to be given it’s own blog article. However, we don’t want to miss this opportunity to let you know what else has arrived.

Learn Codebots

You may have seen the blog article or email about this release, but what you may not know is that it has been expanded upon since then. Since it’s initial release, Learn has grown to cover a lot more of the Platform. Now you can learn about planning, building, testing, and launching your app, along with a quick crash course on how to manage it. In addition to the new content, it has also had some development work done on it. Now, it can keep track of which activities have been completed, so you can follow your progress and know when you are done. It can also tell which activities are not yet possible for you, so it doesn’t suggest them at the wrong time (like adding a relationship when you don’t have two entities). Haven’t seen these changes? You should go check them out.


File and Image Attributes

C#Bot now has the ability for you to add File and Image upload attributes to your entities. As a result, the SpringBot team have been working furiously to catch up and the next SpringBot release will include the File attribute. Image is also just around the corner and will be in the next one after that.

Site Settings

We have also added in the ability for site administrators and owners to configure some of their site settings! Located in the admin menu off the site dashboard, certain users can now upload a site logo or update the site name.

Want to see what else you have missed?

All of our release notes are published on this site and in the Codebots Library. You can find them in the Release Notes book on the Codebots Platform. We post all platform release notes, as well as the bot notes and migration paths.

Last updated: 21 May 2020

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