Codebots Academy will make captaining our bots a breeze

by Lana Brindley, Nov 01, 2017

OK, we get it. Codebots makes writing a program much, much faster and easier than before, but it's still a little bit tricky. You will need to understand some terms like epic, user story, schema, and at least know a little bit about testing. And if you've never done those things before, learning how, while also learning how to pilot a codebot, could be a bit much.

We know that not everyone can code; that's why we invented Codebots! We also know that not everyone understands what it is that software developers do all day, so we try to make it as simple as possible for you to give our bots instructions, and understand what on earth they're actually doing. 

But we have an extra tool to help you out. We call it the Academy. The Codebots Academy is your place to work out not only how to give instructions to the Codebots, but to really understand what it is that our little bots do with those instructions, and how to work with them to improve your code until you're super happy with the results. Because we want you to be happy :)

Codebots is due to launch early in 2018, and when it does you'll also get access to our complete Academy. The Academy has been designed to teach you everything from "What is a Codebot" to understanding the testing model that Codebots use, and even the basics of Agile project management, which is a fundamental part of how Codebots organises your project. You'll be able to pick the Qualifications that are most interesting to you, step through the content in a fun and interactive way, and even get certificates to impress your friends with your mad tech skillz.

Over the next few months, as we get ready for launch, we're going to start releasing content from the Academy for you to look at. You'll get an idea of the kinds of things you can learn through the Academy, and you might even learn something new about Codebots along the way!
The Codebots platform will be released in 2018. Click here for footage from a live demo.