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Introducing Codebots Dashboard

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The Codebots site Dashboard is a convenient, high-level overview of your product, showing statistics that enable you to manage and improve your product more effectively.

The Codebots Dashboard allows you to see statistics about your application, in a convenient high-level overview focused on helping manage and improve your product more effectively.


The dashboard has four sections that each display unique data about your product:

  • App health;
  • Latest test results;
  • Versions; and
  • Project activity.

App health

This section shows data about your app, focusing on the number of developed issues. Here you can see your total number of issues and all tests you have in place, which is displayed by a progress bar.

Latest test results

Quickly and easily assess the outcomes of your most recent tests in a progress bar; passed, failed, in progress, and not run.


Track the release progress of your application easily with version environment cards that show your current version number, and the date of the most recent build.

Project activity

Track the progress of all areas of your project with project activity metrics. Clearly see data related to:

  • total issues;
  • number of times a project was built;
  • number of tests written;
  • number of deploys;
  • number of articles written;
  • total number of collaborators; and
  • the percentage of bot-written code in your project.

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This update was part of Codebots release v2.13.0.0.

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Last updated: 17 December 2019

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