Codebots is getting a new engine!

by Mitchell Tweedie, Feb 23, 2018

Big news! 

The results from round 1 of the beta program are in and, while Codebots is conceptually awesome, we need to make some performance improvements to our platform, and your applications.

So we've decided to give Codebots a new engine!

What's going on?

The core of the Codebots platform is the bots (no surprises there), and the heart of our team of code-writing bots is Lampbot, which is the one currently available to our beta users.

You might not know it, but we're using Lampbot to write the Codebots platform. This is cool, because it proves codebots can create complicated web apps like Codebots. It's also a little scary, because it means we're building things and testing them as we go along, which is a little like trying to build an aeroplane while you're flying it. The good news is that when we fix performance issues, it doesn't just make the Codebots platform better, it also makes the software it creates better! *huzzah*

What are we doing about it?

Web apps are broken into client-side (the bits a user sees and interacts with), and server-side (the bits that happen on the other side of your internet connection, on the server). We discovered that we had some performance issues on the server-side as we scaled the underlying datasets. Basically, the larger the app (and the more data it had in its database), the slower it got. So we've done a lot of work to Lampbot to make the server-side components function much, MUCH faster. In our initial tests, it's already running orders of magnitude faster than it was before.

And the best thing? Because we are using Lampbot to write the Codebots platform, not only will the apps you create using the platform run more smoothly, but the process of creating them will as well. And that makes everyone happy!

How long will updating Lampbot take?

We're hoping to get this update done in around two to four weeks. Once we've got our new and improved Codebots running laps around our existing platform, we'll be inviting more people onto the platform.

Is an updated Lampbot worth the wait?

The purpose of a beta program is to discover what's working and what needs improving; to be scientific, and to iterate.
Codebots is still coming, and everyone who has applied to be a beta user will get a chance to try Codebots before we launch. We absolutely promise that these performance updates will make a big difference to how much you will be able to do with the platform, and the eventual success of your project.

How's the beta going so far?

We have completed round 1 and will be starting round 2 as soon as we have finished updating Lampbot's architecture.

For our mission of creating a world where humans and bots work together to get shit done, we are (still) recruiting:
  • Builders - people with skills in programming or working with schematics (developers, engineers)
  • Captains - leaders with big ideas (founders, C-Suite, managers)
  • Creators - people who relish crafting new experiences (designers, artists)
  • Explorers - moonshot thinkers and futurists dreaming of ways technology can empower humans (anyone with an idea and some hunger to see it through!)
So if any of those apply to you (sign here if you haven't applied for our beta program already), keep your eyes peeled and we'll bring you onto the platform as soon as we can.