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Codebots launches into Singapore!

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We’re now ready to kick off our campaign to rid the world of legacy systems and make continuous modernisation universally achievable, and we’re starting in Singapore!

The undeniable truth all organisations are eventually forced to acknowledge is that today’s innovative applications are tomorrow’s legacy systems. This is the number one problem facing businesses worldwide. Australia, Singapore, Europe, legacy systems are everywhere. No code base is immune, which is why we’re super excited to announce Codebots is going global!

Thanks to our friends at Austrade, Codebots has seized the opportunity to kick off our expansion into Southeast Asia in style. We’ve been invited to participate in The Australian Landing Pad @ WeWork in Singapore.

We’ll be Austrade’s special guests and operate out of The Australian Landing Pad, located on Robinson Road, WeWork 71 Robinson, Singapore. Woohoo!

Here’s a message Eban Escott (CEO) and Naveen Kumar (our new Managing Director of Codebots Singapore) recorded before jetting off.

Why Singapore

The legacy system problem is an international one. Organisations worldwide face an immense challenge: continuously modernising software is as complex as it’s necessary. The light at the end of the tunnel is platforms like Codebots.

Up until now, Codebots has been in beta and all of our staff based in Brisbane, Australia. No longer!

We’re going global and Singapore will be our first of an initial two international regions.

Singapore is a gateway into the Asian market, as well as an international hub. Plus, it’s widely considered the #1 best place to do business and has a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, not too mention, great food!

Eban and Naveen are chomping at the bit to launch Codebots’ first overseas office.

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Why now

2018 was a formative year for us. We ran our beta program, made some changes to the platform, pitched our platform both in Australia and overseas (winning a bunch of awards), made more changes to the platform, and moved into a big, new office.

We’re now ready to kick off our strategy to rid the world of legacy systems and make continuous modernisation universally achievable.

The focus for us right now is partnering with experienced software development delivery teams (like WorkingMouse in Brisbane, Australia) in each of our regions.

Armed with the power of code-writing bots and our exclusive Migration Kit, our Channel Partners will deliver better legacy system solutions to their customers. Together we will save the world one legacy migration at a time. Maybe yours can be next?


Last updated: 10 January 2020

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