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Update: Codebots Sidebar

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The Codebots sidebar has been updated so you can easily navigate to your most relevant pages, without leaving the current page you’re on.

Codebots’ new sidebar is bigger and better - twice the size of our old one! There is now a whole lot more you can do without leaving the page you’re on, with the sidebar containing direct paths to all your pages, to maximise efficiency and the overall user experience.


The two major changes we’ve made from our original sidebar in this release are the transformation of Switch Product and My Sites.

Switch product

Quickly switch between your three products; Development, Library, Academy. You can also navigate directly to your dashboard to see metrics on your current app.


My sites

Easily navigate through the different sites you have access to, or jump to pages within your current selected site, like the teams page.

Current application

Easily view metrics about the current application you are working on, including the number of collaborators, the bot you are using, and the name of the site owner.

Select another app

Under current application metrics, you can easily navigate to other applications, or see a full list of the applications you have access to.

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This update was part of Codebots release v2.13.0.0.

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Last updated: 17 December 2019

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