Myriad ticket giveaway valued at $595

by Indi Tansey, May 09, 2018

Myriad festival giveaway

Myriad is back in Brisbane (May 16 to May 18) and we're presenting alongside hundreds of startups and massive names like Google, 500 Startups and Eric Ries. Myriad has a schedule filled with keynotes, panels, and workshops exploring the future of work, cities, health, and more. We're excited!

Plus, my co-founder Eban will be flying high on #MyriadAir, a special flight from San Francisco to Brisbane delivered in partnership with the Queensland Government and Qantas. Myriad Air carries a special payload - 360 of the world's top entrepreneurs and innovators.

But enough about us. We'd like to invite YOU to come along for the ride. We have a Myriad festival giveaway valued at $595 up for grabs! It includes:

  1. An Engage ticket giving full access to all 3 days of festivities.
  2. Entry to the Codebots Masterclass.
For your chance to win, simply email me (indi@codebots.com) why you want to attend.

For those of you who can't be there, we want to give you a sneak of some of the new features that we've been working on.

Magical migration - no coding required

Some of our beta applicants have big dreams, but most have big problems with existing software and old, local databases... so we've added a magical 1-click cloud migration module to our onboarding. If you have an Access or MySQL database, simply export your schema and pop it into our database uploader. Done. You will then be able to add advanced behaviour to your data using the Codebots Diagram Editor.

I'll present our new magical migration live at Myriad alongside Eban.

Don't forget to tell me why you want to attend Myriad for your chance to win a Myriad festival giveaway valued at $595. simply email me at indi@codebots.com.
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