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Introducing Learn Codebots: Using Codebots just got a whole lot easier!

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Learn Codebots is basically a simplified version of our training from Academy, except we’ve made it available in our side bar. This means you can quickly and easily open it for reference at any point you get lost.

We get it, Codebots has so many features it can be pretty overwhelming when you first join. All you want is to work out how to get started with your awesome app idea. Enter - Learn Codebots. Learn Codebots is the first part in our plan to improve the Codebots onboarding experience for you, and it’s finally live!

Side note: Don’t worry, our Academy is still there for those who want more in-depth training on Codebots.

This initial release includes Building Ideas; a helpful guide to using the Build section of the Platform. Learn how an Entity diagram works, how you can configure what the front end of your app will look like, and how you can control user permissions on your app with the Security model. After this walkthrough you will have all the knowledge you need to successfully create the information our bots require to write your code!

For the best use of Building Ideas, we recommend you head to the Build section on Codebots first. To use Learn Codebots here, simply click the button on the side bar (highlighted in purple so you can’t miss it!). The Learn Codebots slideout will appear and you can get started. Choose ‘Building Ideas’ to open the guided steps for building your diagrams. You can choose to complete these steps in order, or scroll to find the particular tip you need. We’ve included a brief summary in each of these tips along with a GIF so that you also have a visual guide of the instructions.


Learn Codebots will take you beyond just building the diagrams. Other help includes Launching Apps, Planning Work, Testing Code and Getting Set Up. We will also be adding more help sections over the coming weeks.


Learn Codebots is made for all new users, as well as to improve the experience for our current community. We hope you find Learn Codebots useful. We look forward to continuing to refine the onboarding experience for our users in the future. If you have any feedback on this feature, never hesitate to ‘submit feedback’ on the platform, or drop us a line at

If you haven’t started a free trial with us yet, you can sign up here to get started.

Last updated: 09 April 2020

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