Myriad is flying 360 leading entrepreneurs to Brisbane

by Kath Escott, May 03, 2018

For 3 days an exquisite array of investors and innovators will amalgamate at the Royal Brisbane Convention Centre for some serious awesomeness called Myriad.

Talks and workshops, networking and entertainment, it's an international celebration of global connections and shared knowledge aimed at supporting the brave bold ideas of the future.

What's causing the buzz for Myriad?

The Myriad buzz is in the air... literally.

The Queensland Government and Qantas have partnered to create Myriad Air, a party plane flying 360 of the world's leading investors and innovators from the Silicon Valley to Brisbane! And how cool is it that our CEO and co-founder, Eban Escott, has a seat on #MyriadAir!?!

Who are we excited to see at Myriad 2018?

The impending networking opportunities at Myriad festival are what's really exciting. With the Future of Work as one of the hot topics for this year's crop of world class speakers from home and abroad, Codebots is standing shoulder to shoulder with some serious game changers.

One of these game changers is Anil Sabharwal, VP of Products Google. He recently lead the launch of Google Photos, a prime example of machine learning solving real world problems. Anil will discuss how we should approach AI and why some challenges are worth overcoming.

Speaking of challenges worth overcoming, startups! 

There's probably no greater challenge than starting your own business, embracing your dreams with confidence, and shooting for the stars. The cruel reality is there's a bunch of roadblocks with the potential to stop us in our tracks. To build momentum and achieve your goals, make sure you see The Lean startup Guru himself, Eric Ries.
Also there to help entrepreneurs with the challenges of running a business is Tim Kastelle, who is MBA Director at The University of Queensland and an acclaimed publisher and blog writer. Tim's keynote will show us how to combine creativity and collaboration to build the ultimate entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We're a little starstruck, speaking alongside reps from Google and Microsoft, but we're also really excited.

A bot-powered future

Codebots is a tool for non-developers to build and manage apps. The platform enables anyone to build an app with the help of AI-powered bots that can do most of the coding on your behalf.

Thousands of businesses are stuck using outdated, legacy applications and databases because software development is slow and expensive… until now.

To us the Future of Work is one where anyone with an idea can become a citizen developer. If you can build a business, you can build an app with the help of AI-powered bots.

We're looking forward to sharing our vision alongside world class speakers discussing the impact technology is having on the Future of Work.

This Myriad Gig is going to be one hell of a ride, I've got my ticket, have you got yours?
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