Future like you want it at Pause Fest 2018

by Indi Tansey, Jan 31, 2018

There's a buzz at Codebots HQ this week as we prepare for Pausefest next week--which we consider one of the premier conferences in Australia.

What the heck is Pause Fest?

An annual, three-day festival in Melbourne that focuses on sharing cutting-edge tech, creativity and business practices that are happening right here and around the world. Bringing together pack-leading thinkers from organisations like Airbnb, NASA, Netflix, Hyperloop, Girls in Tech, SXSW and Pixar together with Australia's local heroes.

What happens at Pause Fest?

The schedule of events is as diverse as the 150 global leaders that speak--everyone from startup royalty Guy Kawasaki to my community building superhero David Spinks. But it's not just white dudes speaking on a stage, Pause is committed to 50/50 diversity and more than half of the featured speakers are women. And there's no room for boring slide deck presentations, as you'd expect for a tech conference it's waaaaay more interactive than that. There's workshops, Lego play dates, virtual reality robots, copious opportunities for collaboration and rooftop parties to suit every learning style and personality.

Why are we ridiculously excited to attend Pause Fest 2018?

  1. Because it's an opportunity to hang out with and learn alongside an inspiring bunch of humans who are on a similar mission to us.
  2. Because it puts us at the centre of a bigger conversation about what's coming next. Specifically, AI, the future of work, diversity and empowering entrepreneurship.
  3. Because our Head Dude, Dr. Eban Escott, has been invited to speak about the new frontier of coding and how humans and bots can work together to get shit done!

But mostly I want to live the Pause tag line…

Network like a pro.  
Upskill like a boss.  
Marvel like a kid.  
Future like you want it at Pause Fest 2018.

We will be actively seeking and sharing the shiniest #Pause2018 nuggets via the @Codebots_ Twitter account so be sure to tune in 7-9 Feb.

*Warning: Participation in Pause may lead to future collaboration.
Attending and participating in events is critical for building a thriving local ecosystem.