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Plan has had an upgrade!

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Take a look at the new features which are included in our latest release of the Plan section of the Platform. Plan now has acceptance criteria, status based checklists, commenting, and concurrent editing! It is now easier than ever to manage your team’s Way of Working.

The Plan section of the Platform has been relaunched with a bunch of new features to make it easier to integrate into your Way of Working. Now you can use the new detail view to add acceptance criteria to your tickets and comment on them, you can add a checklists to a status which then shows up on a ticket to help make sure it is ready to move on, all while doing it at the exact same time as your team members with our concurrent editing. Take a look at each of the features outlined below, or go ahead and have an explore on your own.


Acceptance Criteria

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of acceptance criteria, they are the criteria which must be met for a ticket to be considered done. They are unique to every ticket and are a very useful tool to make sure that the development team have a clear idea of what is required. This was implemented in Plan because they are a key part of our Way of Working, and we encourage everyone to make use of them.

Typically, the acceptance criteria are set either as the ticket is planned, or right before it goes into development. Setting the criteria usually puts everyone on the same page and ensures that everyone has a better understanding of what needs to be done. They are also helpful during the review and testing stages of development, as they give you criteria to check against.

The acceptance criteria are added/edited by going into the ticket’s detail view.


Status Checklists

These checklists can be used to compliment the acceptance criteria and help enforce your team’s way of working. You can use the status checklist to ensure that every ticket meets certain criteria before it moves onto the next one. This can be helpful if you have guidelines around what needs to be done before a ticket can be developed (i.e. Has designs; is less than 8 hours work; has been tech spiked)

The checklist appears at the bottom of a ticket’s detail view, and will update depending what column the ticket appears in. To configure the status checklist, choose the ‘settings’ for the relevant status column.



You asked and we answered! Now you can make comments against a ticket so the whole team can have a discussion about it. This can be an excellent way of mentioning changes or reporting on a ticket’s progress, and the best part is that it all happens in one place, so it is easy to keep track.

You can comment on a ticket by opening the detail view and switching to the Comments tab.


Concurrent Editing

Now the whole team can work together to create and update the tickets in your board. With concurrent editing, you can see as tickets are moved between different statuses by someone else. When someone finishes editing a description, it updates for everyone who has that ticket open. Acceptance Criteria and comments are automatically updated as well.


We hope you enjoy! This was the implementation of lots of feedback that we had received from a large number of users, and we are glad we were able to deliver this to our Community. If you come across any issues or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team using the Feedback link in the Platform (located towards the bottom of the main menu).

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Last updated: 06 July 2020

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