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Software Estimation Qualification

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We’ve turned our software estimation series into an Academy qualification. Now you can learn everything you need to know about estimating your software projects successfully, all in one place!

If you follow any of our social media, you will know that we have been talking about software estimation a lot. We have now taken all of that content we wrote and turned it into a qualification on our Academy. That’s right! There is a new kid on the block.


The Estimating a Project qualification takes all of the articles that we wrote and has turned them into a series of lessons which you can complete. The lessons group together related articles, and deliver the content to you in a method which is easy to follow and understand. The qualification aims to cover a range of learning outcomes:

  • Learn theory about why so many projects fail
  • Discover what skills you need represented in your team
  • Read about the different software development methodologies and how to choose the one which suits you best
  • Learn about the different risks involved and how to mitigate and adapt for them
  • Become familiar with factors which can cause your project to overrun, and learn how to account for them
  • Get the hang of completing estimations using Codebots’ Estimation Tool
  • Learn the different ways you can reduce the costs of software development

The Lessons.

The Theory of Estimating Software.

Before we get into the specifics of estimating software, first we cover some theory. This lesson covers why estimating software is so hard, the different ways you can estimate software, and the theory of how you can estimate software, along with a discussion around whether it is possible to estimate without requirements, and what skills you need represented in your estimating team.

Software Development Methodologies.

This lessons discusses the multitude of approaches to software development, their history, and which one is best suited for your team. It then takes a look at how you can own your own Way of Working, and how to talk to people about the Waterfall approach.

Managing Risk.

There are all sorts of risks that come with building a software project. In this lesson, we look at why so many software projects fail and the top risks which contribute to these. We also discuss how you can handle different risks, and how to manage expectations when discussing the estimation with someone.

Estimation Allowances.

Risk is not the only thing which can blow out a project’s time. This lessons takes a look at the other factors which you need to make allowances for, including: worker productivity, polishing time at the end, and time to research and explore potential solutions while developing.

Calculating the Estimation.

This lesson takes a look at the actual way you calculate the estimation. It discusses using hours vs. story points, how to calculate the estimate, and then, once you have finished the estimation, how to the reduce development costs that come from that estimation.

Ready to get started?

Already read all of the articles we shared? Why not formalise your new knowledge by getting it marked off in the Academy? Keen to read about what was listed above? The qualification is now live and available on your Academy.


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Last updated: 28 May 2020

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