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Startup Weekend: Battle report

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Every year, Global Entrepreneurship Week ends with a bang. At Startup Weekend, tens of thousands of people across the world pitch ideas, network, create teams, start businesses and celebrate entrepreneurship.

Organised by @AaronBirkby and co-hosted by @Fishburners and @RiverCityLabs, Startup Weekend Brisbane (#SWBNE17) was a smashing success. Starting on Friday (17 November) and wrapping up on Sunday (19 November), it attracted around 50 pitchers and hundreds of participants to The Precinct. Those in attendance included seasoned entrepreneurs, recent graduates and even high school students.


Startup Weekend works a little bit like a hackathon. First comes the open mic pitches. Then people decide which idea they want to work on over the weekend, breaking up into teams. Teams then have until Sunday to validate their business models and write killer pitches. Pitch 2.0.

So, how did Brisbane?

Read Yianni’s rundown of the event’s top #buzzwords!

Winners and bigger winners

Not only were there 0 legal disputes over equity in companies only a day or two old, but the pitches were awesome. We saw chatbot onboarding pitched by Codebots Community Builder Rosie, AirBnB for coworking spaces and farm to table transparency powered by blockchain.

Personally, I loved Crowd Hound. In a nutshell, it’s the heat map from Google Maps, but for venues. Looking for a pumping dance floor, or maybe a quiet place to chat about the price of oil in Venezuela? Crowd Hound has you covered.

But Pizza Roulette was the clear winner of the applause award. Based on the scene it created, it’s going to be bigger than Ben-Hur within 2 months! The premise is simple: you chip in a dollar to go in the spinning for a pizza delivered to your door. The wheel is spun once 20 people have chipped in.

In the end, there could only be one winner: Pegasus Equine Management.

First out the gate, I thought everyone was horsing around, with no less than 4 equine (horse) businesses jockeying for my vote. But Pegasus was the clear run away, promising a cloud solution at your fingertips, with all the bells and whistles needed to keep your horse in a stable condition.


Why was Codebots at Startup Weekend?

The Codebots crew was there to talk about how Codebots can help accelerate these early stage startups.

The dozen or so teams that pitched on Sunday had a lot to do and not much time to do it. They needed to validate ideas (discover what was working and what wasn’t) and sometimes pivot with alacrity. Basically, they needed to spend less time coding and more time creating, and that’s what Codebots is all about.

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Last updated: 09 January 2020

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