"How do we make developing software easier?"

About us

Codebots is an AI-powered app building tool designed for people who aren’t classically trained in programming.

The platform enables anyone to develop software with the help of codebots, which can write as many as 300,000 lines of code in a minute.

Codebots is a Brisbane based, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company bringing technology to the masses. The company began with the simple question: “How do we make developing software easier?” On his quest to find an answer, Dr Eban Escott’s research lead to the creation of the patent-pending technology underpinning Codebots.

Codebots is already powering over 30 projects through our partnership with WorkingMouse, a software development company.

On average, WorkingMouse is completing projects 75% faster since adopting Codebots.

With the help of code-writing bots, users can build a bespoke app faster and with fewer bugs, enabling them to unlock their data and focus on growing their business.

Codebots can write code for any language that follows a pattern. Codebot’s first (and most popular) codebot is Lampbot, which writes to a LAMP stack.

Tech this good deserves a global audience, and it’s almost ready to be shared. Codebots is currently in beta and will publicly launch in late 2018.