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Codebots is on a mission to help humans team up with code-writing bots to plan, design, build and launch awesome software to the cloud. We are a Brisbane-based technology startup taking on the global giants in the billion dollar low-code industry. On the platform, 92.68% (on average) of the software’s code is written by a codebot and the remaining percentage is completed by a human. Collaborating with a codebot means quicker software delivery times, higher quality applications but most importantly, the team spends less time coding and more time creating.

The company began with the simple question: “What if creating software didn’t have to be so hard?” On his quest to find an answer, founder Eban Escott’s research lead to the creation of the patent-pending technology that underpins the platform. Not willing to buy into the ‘Silicon Valley or bust’ concept, Eban kept the team local, believing that a world class product doesn’t have geographic barriers. Four years, one PhD and 35 employees later, Codebots is preparing for launch!

The idea of coding is enough to frighten and overwhelm the average person but with Codebots, you don’t need an IT degree. Whether you’re a project manager, designer or software engineer, everyone has a role to play on the platform.

Prior to public launch, Codebots is being put through its paces by our internal development teams using feedback loops to iterate and improve the platform experience. The Codebots platform is being trialed by software development house, WorkingMouse and has supercharged over 20 real-world software projects to date. Innovation hubs such as Creative Enterprise Australia are teaming up with the Codebots to power the product development of their accelerator teams.

Tech this good deserves a global audience, and it’s almost ready to be shared with the world. The beta version will be released late 2017 with public launch scheduled for early 2018.

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