About us.

Through a process of continuous modernisation, we help enterprises migrate from their legacy systems and find a successful software/people fit.

Our story.

We are passionate about core values and recognise that values drive culture, culture drives behaviour and behaviour drives the performance of our entire community. Our values are Urgency, but not rushed; Fun, but not unprofessional; Initiative, but not a lone wolf; and Scientific, but not heartless.

The team.

We are a passionate, fun-loving, awesome bunch, who enjoy what we do.

Want to join us?
  • Dr Eban Escott
  • Indi Tansey
  • Matt Francis
  • David Burkett
  • Liam Robinson
  • Blair Williams
  • Yianni Stergou
  • Naveen Kumar
  • Declan Healey
  • Serena Reece
  • Isaac Joekong
  • Leo Mylonas
  • Tessa Holland
  • Jay Lee
  • Scott Lanham
  • Hayden Steel
  • Sofia Kalra
  • William Derrington

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