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with bots.

The Codebots Platform helps you plan, build, test
and launch enterprise applications to modernise
legacy systems and increase business agility.

Codebots are software robots that write code alongside your human team. On average, bots write over 90% of an application’s code base, freeing up your team to focus on the creative, complex and cultural aspects of your application. We’re redefining digital transformation and making continuous modernisation possible for businesses worldwide.


Breathe new life into your outdated legacy systems. Migrate to the cloud and experience a world of possibilities for the future of your business.

Many DIY software development vendors lock you into restrictive systems that lead you down predefined development paths. With Codebots, your only limit is your imagination. Take back control, boldly experiment and bring your software to life.


With a bot on your team, you can build software faster and more efficiently than you could have ever imagined.

By migrating your legacy systems to the cloud and utilising pre-built bots and behaviours, you can quickly unlock your data and launch your business into the future.


  • Concurrent diagramming allows your team to work collaboratively and see edits in real time.
  • Pre-built “behaviours” allow you to drag-and-drop features, like forms and dashboards, into your application to save time and money.


With a combination of bot and human written tests, you will have full coverage traceability testing on your entire code base. Humans make mistakes sometimes, but with a bot on your team, you can eliminate human error. Our bots are trained to measure the health of your application as you build, and find even the tiniest bugs. Testing as you build means you maintain quality control from your project’s onset and throughout!


Deploy new features complete with full bot-written documentation, API and developer notes. Any new team member can jump in and implement project changes, without having to worry about deciphering an obscure code base.


  • Our bots write 100% developer readable code, so your team can easily navigate and customise your code base.
  • Access to your very own content management system (CMS) gives you complete project visibility and control. Eliminate unnecessary development cycles by enabling anyone on your team to make changes and edits through your CMS dashboard.


Embrace your continuous modernisation mindset and start your plan, build, test and launch cycle again. You’ll be onto your next feature faster than you can say, “What’s my competition up to?”


LAMPbot is a full stack codebot based on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) with a Backbone Marionette client side framework.

Choose the best bot for your business.

Our codebots write a 100% developer-readable code base. Your team can customise bot-written code, with a focus on creating unique solutions for your business. Choose the bot that works for you, or build a new bot that writes to the tech stack of your choice.


Codebots has pre-built a range of common functionalities to save you time and money. Add any of our behaviours to your application, and customise them for your business. We’ve tested thoroughly and improved as necessary, so you have one less thing to worry about.


Our advanced form functionality has templates that allow you to build dynamic document and surveys.


Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) allows you to easily edit and maintain your databases.

Developer API

Our application programming interface enables collaboration and connection with third-party applications across the web.


Create wizards and use workflows to model your business logic and streamline your processes.


Select from a range of visualisation options to organise your data in the way that works for you.


Display your development history and plan future events on an interactive timeline.

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