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Platform Engineering

Empower software teams with an Internal Development Platform (IDP) and build bridges across your organisation

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The Problem with Low-Code

  • Loss of control suppresses innovation
  • Outdated code dictated by platform
  • Vendor locked — pay extra to access your source code

The Beauty of Codebots

  • Keep control and enable true innovation
  • Empower software developers and citizen developers alike
  • Avoid vendor lock — own the source code, models, and templates

Organisations that love and trust Codebots

What is Codebots capable of?

Unlock DevOps

Break down the barriers between development and operations with pipelines.

DevOps Image

Why Pipelines?

Pipelines lead to quality, increased automation, and so many other benefits.

Model Anything

Create useful abstractions and build bridges across the entire organisation.

Model Anything

Golden Paths

Build self-service templates for common tasks and generate artefacts like source code, configuration files, project documents, management reports, and more.

Golden Paths

Platform Engineering

Provide Internal Development Platforms (IDP's) with tooling that spans across multiple planes. Whether you're in the developer control plane, resource plane, or security plane, it doesn't matter, it's your preferred technology stack.

Platform Engineering

Own the Code

Avoid vendor lock-in and control your destiny. Your intellectual property, your source code.

Source Code


Configure any Git repository. GitHub, Gitlab, BitBucket, it doesn't matter.

Set the Standard

Drive down technical debt and create consistency across your projects that meet your governance and compliance standards.

Set the Standard

Low Code

Create your own Low Code platform, empowering your organisation to create fit for purpose apps across departments.

Low Code

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