Bots that code.

Codebots is a platform that helps software development teams build start-up to large scale enterprise applications for the age of continuous modernisation.

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Freedom meets control.

Low-code platforms use code generators that create a black-box of machine mess. Our codebots write code that looks like it has been written by a human. Avoid vendor lock-in by owning your source code and have the freedom to customise with your competitive advantage.

Reuse with Scale.

Behaviours are cool things the bots can do. You can think of them as reusable business solutions. Then when it comes time to modernise or patch an application, instead of doing it one application at a time, the codebot can update all of them for you.

Quality at Speed.

Codebots are software robots that write code. On average, they write 92% of a software application that a human typically has to write and can make teams 8.3x faster. They write code, tests and documentation too!

Continuously modernising and evolving features.

Codebots has a range of pre-built features, behaviours, that can you can drag and drop into your application, and customise to suit your unique business requirements. In line with our continuous modernisation mindset, our selection of behaviours will continue to grow and evolve as you do.

  • Simplified testing
  • Database migration
  • Planning tools
  • Dashboard
  • Code base documentation
  • Learning Academy
  • & much more...
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